NYC Man Attacked Asian Women For Rejecting Him

Asian WomenFor white guys, body variety has no impact on their likelihood of excluding blacks or Asians. I contacted him right after reading some of his comments on Quora American girls are attracted to confident machos, he says, although most Asians esteem knowledgeable and insightful men and never thoughts soft-spoken and timid boys. On the other hand in China the neighborhood girls marrying White expatriates frequently have post-graduate education and productive careers. Clearly, you only speak about Asian men’s dicks, proving you a racist hypocrite.

No my son has no young children but, why to people like you jump to such conclusions, go play with your pin dick and vent about rejection by girls who you demnad by their race ought to want you, what a loser. An iPhone four FaceTime industrial characteristics 3 couples – all of them white guys video calling either white or Asian female mates. Asian males and white females are the ones complaining about WM/AF, because they are missing out, the rest of us dont care, within the black neighborhood the Black girls do also complain about their males marry white.

Individuals are reacting poorly to your comments simply because you have inaccurately conveyed your argument, but I recognize what you have been attempting to say and I agree with a lot of your point: that even though racism in our nation is systematically oppressive and dictated by the marginalization of people of color by white people it does not imply minorities are not participating in racism also, towards white individuals, other races, and even themselves, which is internalized racism.

Western society is far a lot more multicultural than any other, so NO you are Incorrect, Western in no way signifies WHITE Guys, and in my posts I am discussing Western women specifically and why males are not desiring them as considerably anymore, but rather are searching for ladies from other cultures with greater attitudes, its attitude that tends to make the western female unlovable.

No, I have observed the bitterness and anger in white ladies whenever they see me with aisan ladies throughout my life, some have even discussed it and told me truthfully that how can they get a man when we are selecting asian women with which they cannot compete, specially after western girls begin aging, 30 years up truly struggle if they are single.