Online Shopping: Needs and Lifestyle

“Fever online shopping is not new, but the benefits of online shopping more convenient and faster. Moreover, today there are term time more valuable than money, “

Presumably correct the above statement. Now all things as easily and quickly as a wink. Shopping is no longer exhausting. Especially for men who usually ‘condemned’ hobby these women. Even if shopping is not surprising, not only as the fulfillment of the needs but has become a lifestyle among women. To aid you in the shop, you can get tips on loan.

Internet technology

Who does not know the internet? Even the Indonesian government also launched the internet into the village and the school. Once the importance of the internet to not uncommon for people to spend more time in the virtual world either for social networking, searching for information or shopping.

Shopping affairs no longer have to do in the real market, where buyers and sellers can meet in person. Through advances in Internet technology, the shopping process even more convenient and enjoyable. Enough with the ‘click’, people can get what they want. No need to move from where you are, because the Internet can be accessed via personal computers and mobile phones.

In the year 2010, it seems that online shopping or online shopping continues to be a trend. Moreover, the recent online consumers are also increasingly appreciate the convenience and security enhancements offered by the provider of online shopping. There are utilizing the ease of online shop because the need for the goods or services offered. However, some are shopping online because they feel it is part of today’s lifestyle.

New Innovations

Online shopping or online shopping is one way of shopping is emerging. Actually the way of shopping like this has existed since 1979, created by Michael Aldrich of England. Only in March 1981 this system was introduced to the public by Thomson Holidays.

The place for online shopping is referred to as an online store or shop online. Can mean a container shop / place to hold (display, showing off) merchandise. While online, this time could be interpreted as the network is connected to the Internet. So the online store has the definition of a place to hold (display, showing off) merchandise that is connected to the Internet network.

In use, said the online store itself has some similarities terms, either in Indonesian or foreign language. Equation term online store is a web store, e-shop, virtual store, online shop, e-commerce, virtual shop, virtual store, and others, although sometimes the actual meaning of the terms was a little different.

The online stores are available today can be classified into several categories. For example, of the way of presenting the product, the script used, paid / absence of hosting used, method of payment, method of sale, security standards, and others. Along with the development of the Internet in Indonesia and the number of internet users growing, online shop now increasingly widespread, not only sell equipment and electronic equipment alone but has penetrated into other items such as clothes, shoes, bags, books, and even a birthday cake. Nowadays a lot of interest is the stuff women’s needs such as: clothes, bags, accessories, cosmetics. No wonder if there is a more familiar online boutique online shop with the name (as many presents of clothing).

Lifestyle Trends

A study has found trends in online shopping. Based on these findings, the online buyers dominated by women at 63% of the total online shoppers. While the most rapid growth occurs in women who have a family. Apparently, the growing need and limited time experienced housewives make them more shop online than ever before. In terms of age, the buyers who are under 45 years of growth is more rapid.

Over 85% of the world’s online population has used the Internet to make a purchase. In fact, in South Korea 99% of Internet users never to shop online. So do not be surprised if the State Ginseng is listed as a country that occupies the highest percentage of online shopping. Consumers Germany, UK and Japan, South Korea ranks below.

Faith Based Shopping

Shop online business strength is the basis of trust that is built between the buyer and the seller. That confidence arising from proven. Sellers expect a smooth payment, consumers are honest and patient and fast delivery, so they can benefit from optimal. Buyers expect from the seller, good service, goods quickly to, as well as the suitability of the goods received the goods ordered previously.

We know that online shopping is a high risk of sales system to make payments in advance. Just as in the offline world, online shopping on the Internet does not escape from the danger of fraud most likely even more gullible buyer because the buyer did not meet directly with the seller at the time of the transaction.

Typically, consumers for the first time online shopping will feel a little anxious. The assortment of anxiety, such as fear fooled, the goods ordered not to, as well as the inequality of acceptable products with products that are in-order. Constraints of the online shop owners also exist, such as running out of stock, late deliveries, as well as the attitudes of consumers who sometimes annoying.

One drawback of online shopping is the way of indirect goods are on hand after paying, but had to wait some time. In contrast to conventional shopping system that adhered to the principle of ‘no money, no goods’. Therefore take caution potential buyers.

There are things you need to consider, including: make sure you know what you want to buy. Find out the price of these goods in the market. Make sure the online shop that sells the item actually exists, can be trusted, so do not be fooled. Even better if there are recommendations from friends or family who can be trusted. Check the track record of the comments online shop customers. Be careful with the online shop of social networking sites that can be created by anyone. Do not be easily tempted bonuses granted. Lastly, it is wise to go shopping, so you’re not stuck shopaholics world.

Hopefully this makes you know, understand, and understand the procedures of selling online and how to purchase goods online safely and reliably. Happy shopping on line!